Pr. Dominique Lachenal


After my PhD in Organic Electrochemistry, obtained in 1974, I was recruited by CTP, the French Pulp and Paper Research Institute as research scientist in the field of pulp manufacture. I took the responsibility of the academic collaborations for CTP and in 1989 was named full Professor at Grenoble Institute of Technology (Grenoble INP) in charge of the wood and pulp chemistry chair. I became Director of Research (1993) and General Manager (2002) of Grenoble-INP Pagora, one of the 2 biggest education centres at University level in the European Community in the paper sector. My research activity developed in the field of pulping chemistry and technology, cellulose and lignin chemistry, biorefinery and byproducts, have been recognized by the International Community , and gave me the opportunity of presenting more than 300 scientific contributions worldwide, to be inventor in 25 patents and to supervise 40 PhD theses.


 Dr. Jean-Christophe Hostachy


After my PhD in Pulp and Paper Engineering at Grenoble-INP Pagora obtained in 1994, I was recruited by Degremont Industries to develop the use of ozone for pulp bleaching and wastewater treatment.

In 1999, I joined Arkema, a global chemical major, as Business Development Manager for hydrogen peroxide and chlorine dioxide to promote Green Technology in Industry including Pulp and Paper.

After my EMBA, I joined Xylem in 2005 as Director Pulp and Paper managing, R&D, Intellectual Property, Marketing and Sales in the world. Since 2015, I‘ve been appointed as Director Waer Treatment and Director of Large Projects Department at Xylem. France  My industrial achievements have been connected to innovation in the field of pulping and bleaching technology. From gain sharing program optimizing operating cost; to the build-up of projects of carbon emission reduction through the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) or the Joint Implementation (JI) supported by the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change),

I have strong experiences of international project management in all dimensions.