Wood Biorefinery


This two-day course gives a comprehensive overview of wood-based biorefinery  (potential, state of the art, development and perspectives).


The aim is to describe the possible wood deconstruction processes and their justification based on chemical, biochemical and mechanical considerations. The chemical characteristics and potential use of the main biorefinery products (sugars, cellulose, lignin, extractives) will be presented.


Course delivery calendar upon request


Who should attend

This course is ideal for graduated technical persons willing to know about the wood biorefinery perspectives, to understand the basics and justification of the existing operations or to take part in biorefinery projects like pulp mill conversions.



The course may contain an overview of the following topics:


·       Chemical structure of wood components

·       Chemical, biochemical and thermal wood deconstruction processes

·       The kraft biorefinery operation

·       The acid sulfite biorefinery operation

·       The solvent-based biorefinery operation (organosolv processes)

·       Production of biofuels

·       Products from wood sugars and their oligomers, lignin, cellulose and extractives

·       Development of the wood biorefinery worldwide




Prof. Christine Chirat, Grenoble INP Pagora, Research Group Leader Pulping, Bleaching and Biorefinery, Member of the International Academy of Wood Science


Prof. Dominique Lachenal, Grenoble INP Pagora, recipient of the Tappi Pulp Manufacture Division Award, TAPPI Research and Development Technical Award, PAPTAC Weldon Award, Zellcheming A. Mitscherlich Denkmünze