Chemicals Production


This two-day course gives a comprehensive overview of chemical production involved in pulp manufacturing.


The aim is to describe the chemistry involved in pulp production from the chemicals requirement viewpoint. Fundamentals about modern technologies for chemical production coming from external suppliers and onsite technology are described and explained in details. For instance, onsite production technology of chlorine dioxide, oxygen, hydrogen peroxide and ozone are presented to provide all the elements necessary to perform opex & capex analysis.


Course delivery calendar: upon request


Who should attend


This course is ideal for graduated technical persons and managers having a sufficient background in chemistry, willing to know about chemicals production in general, to understand the basics and justification of the existing configuration at site, or to take part in projects where chemicals production is a critical factor to be taken into account.



 The course may contain an overview of the following topics:


·       Main chemicals used during pulp manufacturing

·       Chemical production processes

·       Bleaching chemicals (raw material and by-products)

·       On site production: why and how

·       ECF & TCF bleaching chemistry

·       Regulations about safety, handling and storage

·       Latest trends (Green Chemical Island)




Dr Jean Christophe Hostachy, PhD Chemical Engineering Grenoble INP, EMBA Lyon Business School.


Prof. Dominique Lachenal, Grenoble INP Pagora, recipient of the Tappi Pulp Manufacture Division Award, TAPPI Research and Development Technical Award, PAPTAC Weldon Award,

Zellcheming A. Mitscherlich Denkmünze