Water and Wastewater


This two-day course gives a comprehensive overview of water and wastewater treatment techniques in pulp and paper manufacturing.


The aim is to explain why water and wastewater management is a critical component to ensure sustainable operation of pulp and paper production. Starting from fundamentals explaining why the use of water is mandatory within the process until the most advanced wastewater treatment techniques, this course provides capability to understand concept and design of treatment plant, giving project leader’s state of art information. Water and wastewater case studies are presented to highlight what are the driving factors in the decision.


Course delivery calendar: upon request


Who should attend

This course is ideal for graduated technical persons, willing to know about water and wastewater management in general, the basic of the existing configuration at site, and managers involved in projects where water and wastewater management is a critical dimension for the overall feasibility.




The course may contain an overview of the following topics:


·       Water and wastewater in pulp and paper manufacturing.

·       Regulations to control emissions.

·       Primary, secondary and tertiary treatment techniques.

·       Design and concept of wastewater treatment plant

·       OPEX, CAPEX and sustainability.

·       Water recycling: The new challenge giving wastewater a value






Dr Jean Christophe Hostachy, PhD Chemical Engineering Grenoble INP, EMBA Lyon Business School.